Minh with a Mars Attacks


Owner and Chef Minh Van welcomes you to his new website and hopes you find something interesting. We invite you to stop in and try the exciting range on offer here at Novembar's Cafe'; 4 Bayley Street Dianella.

Go to the Menu page to check out all the special burgers on offer. You can even access the site from your smartphone, and have your selection in mind as you step into Novembar's. So head off now to Novembar's Cafe to relax, enjoy and feel the adventure of a new Burger experience. Don't forget to "Like Us" on facebook!


Please plan ahead for groups. We get many visitors that come in as groups to have fun and enjoy a challenge or down an awesome burger. If you have a special group of friends or work colleagues, call ahead of time and give Minh a heads up.

Compete, video and have a laugh...

For groups above 5, please call ahead and talk with Minh... so he can ready your mouth coffins - Mwahahaha... Just kidding.